Women's Thrift Scheme

Why Credit? The income of a family can be critical for their health, education and social development. It can help them to live in a house with a good sanitation-safe water and clean latrines-and to afford enough healthy food for all. Vulnearable groups of the population, particularly slum groups, need help to generate inomes. Why Credit Schemes? Credit schemes stimulates savings and also provide loans for micro-entrepreneurs and has scope to become self-supporting.

Women's Credit and Health Scheme: The Academy initiated the formation of women Self Help Groups in all the 41 slums of Secunderabad, where the organization is implementing Prevention, Care and Support projects.

The identified PLWHA women are motivated to form self-help groups. The groups were then given rigorous training during which each member enters a compulsory savings scheme. The composition of the group will be 5 HIV infected women and 5 HIV affected women.

The savings act as collateral for loans. Each member of the registered group saves money for 6 months after which she is eligible to take loans. The loan amount varies according to the project the member proposes and her individual savings. An interest of 18% is charged on these loans. The Academy also trains them in business skills, for low-income micro-entreprises.

The government schemes(Dwakra) and Bank were approached for Matching Grants and Revolving Fund, to these groups to start their own income generation activity of her own.

The overall activity will be supervised by Nrityanjali and the Nrityanveshini (NAP+) group of orgnaisation.

The Results?
The scheme has already reached 250 women in slums. The key to success of its success include:
Having government backing and support.
Participation of HIV infected and affected women from the community
Serving uncovered areas.
Using the influence and guidance of slum leaders, by forming decentralized committees, to ensure that borrowers are credit-worthy.

The Future?
The academy seeks to equip HIV infected and affected women with the knowledge and skills, needed to protect and improve the health status of their families.(eg: nutrition, disease prevention, response to illness, and protection and improvement of immediate physical environment.)
The academy seeks to provide necessary information and managerial skills, to use all available resources and technology efficiently so as to increase productivity and raise incomes and purchasing powers.
Functional literacy to empower women to identify the sources of their problems and take counter-measures, the life skills they need to lift themselves out of their vulnerable condition.

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