Home & Community based Care & Support for PLWHA(People Living with HIV/AIDS)

Project Home / Community based Care for HIV Positive Affected and Infected
Supported by Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Project Period Ongoing from 2001
To provide Home and community based care and support for the people living with Hiv/aids and address stigma and discrimination.
Project Area 18 slums of Secunderabad and Ranga Reddy District
Four Components:
Identification of PLWHA
Socio-Psycho Support( Counselling for PLWHA, Family & Society)
Medical & Support Support - Medicines for oppurtunistic infections, providing with rice, dal, oil, bulger, etc.
Creating an Enabling Environment to reduce stigma & discrimination 
Activities * Identification of PLWHA
* Conducting One to One sessions, group sessions,
* Counseling for Positives and family members, friends and relatives.
* Providing medical, nutritional and moral support to the PL
* Linking with governmental and on non-governmental organisations
* Providing of medicines and Nutrition to the PLWHAIn the identified 16 slums of Secunderabad, Nrityanjali started the Community based 'Care and Support' programme for the HIV+, with the support of "Catholic Relief Services(CRS)".
The major activity of the project is to identify HIV+ cases and give medical, nutritional and emotional support. To make the programme sustainable, community leaders and community organisations are being involved in this project
Area Covered 44 slums of Secunderabad and Ranga Reddy District.
Achievements : 365 PLWHA- by making community leaders, peer educators, lay counsellors, care givers, SHG, Mahila Mandals, etc.- unique feature of this project is providing training for PLWHA in different skills: income generating activities- this total activities are sponsored by positive network of organisation NA+ (Nritya Anvenshena)
Innovative Approaches to Project: - Identifying 500+ peer educators to make the project sustainable.
- low-cost innovative BCC material developed
- 800+ volunteers to smoothly conduct project activities

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