Mr.P.Narsing Rao

Mr.Narsing Rao has learnt Dance in Kuchipudi format from Guru Manjula Naidu, from Ramdas Music & Dance College & has been involved in various dance performances unders his Guru.

After completing MPA in 1989, the approach of his Choreography totally changed. Artists for society was the basic ingredient in all his choreographic works. He has used all the dance formats like Folk, Classical, Western, Tap Dance in his presentations.

His most effective & applauded work is 'Kelika' which depicts the development of dance from pre-historic era to classical form. This ballet was supported by Human Resources Department. Government of India. This ballet is spread awareness among children regarding the rich folk traditions of Anhdra Pradesh. He initiated Folk Dance courses & research studies to the students & M.phil graduates.

Out of his curiosity & interest he has learned & done research work in ritualistic traditional folk drama & dance performances.

The specialisation of his study was to communicate the message through different body postures & movements, without using literature & language. To present this in a more effective way, he has done a in-depth study on Drama Presentations under the guidance of Guru Sri.Ramalinga Sastry & Sri.Vempati Chira Satyam.

Right from the time he involved in social service activities, his approach of presentations has changed. He has used dance drama medium to educate the people about environment, AIDS, Adult Education, National Integration, etc. This points are clearly depicted in his ballets Vishwa Vialapam, Quit India, Mutyapu Chippalu, Velugu Rekhalu.

He has been awarded with NrityaShikomani in the year 2002, by Ramagundam Cultural Association & Silicon Andhra Nritya Bharati by Silicon Andhra, USA. Till date his performances were done in countries like France, Taiwan, Reunion Island & USA.

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