Child Labour


Child Labour Who is child labour? Mostly these are children who have run away from their families, are orphaned or have been abandoned, and are deprived of adequate nutrition, health care and education. In most cases they work because the child's wage may mean for the family the difference between eating or not eating.

The labourers?
Child labour may be employed in varied jobs like brick-making, domestic servants, as waiters, scavengers or rag-pickers, and manifestly hazardous industries such as construction, quarrying, glass and cement industries. Typically child labour are employed to work on low pay, long hours, heavy physical loads and exploitation.

The role of the academy?
Although legislation has been passed prohibiting child labour, full compliance has not been achieved and children continue to work as child labour. The Academy has been working on the following areas to tackle this problem.

  • Child labour were weaned from work and after preparing them in educational training centres they were placed in formal schools.
  • Camps for children working in hazardous jobs were organised and in-depth orientation on safety precautions were given to the children.
  • An intensive awareness campaign in educational institutions, slums and micro-enterprises was carried out.
  • Networking and advocacy with Government trade unions and other NGO's was initiated and developed.

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