CAA ( Children affected & vulnearable to AIDS) CHEYUTHA


Project CAA ( Children affected & vulnearable to AIDS) CHEYUTHA
Supported by CRS (Catholic Relief Services), FHI (Family Health International)-USAID
Project Period Successfully running from 1 October 2003
To build capacity of communities to implement integrated HIV/AIDS prevention, and care and support activities for children in 41 slums of secunderabad
Project Area Hyderabad with migrant population in 41 slums covering a total population of 4 lakhs. 
Major activities - to reach out 100 infected children & 900 vulnearable affected children(OVC)
- development of peer educators, caregivers, lay counsellors & community mobilisation activities
- the main focus of the programme is to provide home-based care and support to the CAA, OVC through different linkages in the form of socio-psycho support, medical support, scholarships, life-skills training programmes & provision of 'Care Kit' 
Strategies 1) Building capacity of staff for effective programme implementation.
2) Mobilise communities to meet the needs od children and their families.
3) Behaviour change communication to increase the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and decrease stigma and address discrimination.
4) Provide home-based care through building capacities of CAA’s and their families.
5) Mobilise health and social network / facilities to respond to the needs of ovc.
Achievements Needs assessment:
4 focused group discussions with stakeholders, women group youth and other community people.
447 home visit were conducted which includes 200 fathers, 200 mothers, 21 stake holders, 03 guardians and 15 PLHA.
Project achievements:
76 infected children and 400 affected children.
Formation of care givers network 43
Promotion of self help group 07
Identifying and training of lay counselor 25.
Recreation facities to the children/distribution of sport kits 08
Mass awareness programmer 60
Behaviors change campaigns 22
42 event programs
06-sensitization programmer with 96 stakeholders.
07 Life skill programme with ovc (other vulnerable children)
64 (29 boys & 35 girls)peer educators on prevention care and support.
02 sensitisation for 22 doctors.
06 sensiisaion for 94 stake holders.
165 VCTC referrels, 34 PPTCT referrals.
12 referrals to schools of css
20 members vocational trainin in tailoring.
Linkages with various corporate sectors and government secotors
Innovative Approaches - with the linkages developed by the NGO with like-minded people, religious organisations, NGOs, merchant entrepreneurs, SHGs training programme, provision of Rice, Dal, Oil, Bulger, etc.,
linkages - for medical help, government hospitals, Private nursing homes, children, hospitals & like minded service oriented doctors,
- government bodies, like collector, MRO, BC, SC, ST corporation, DLO & Medical Health Dept.
- Low cost innovative IEC/BCC material - Short films to address the stigma & discrimination
- providing sports kits for life skill trained children
- providing title to food to CAA, OVC children & Rs.500 monthly stipend for infected children
- Formation of 10 SHGs with infected & affected women.  

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