Folk Theatre

 Street Drama ( On Social Issues)

Folk Dance and Folk Theatre have been a vital means of Communication during ancient times, owing to its interpersonal and interactive appeal. Nrityanjali Academy has taken up the role to use these popular art forms to address various social problems of the society and use this as a medium of social communication.

The role of Folk dance and theatre in social development is a widely acclaimed fact today. Literacy campaigns and several issues such as adult-education, Environment, child labor, Population control, women abuse and the problem of dowry have been skillfully dealt with the medium of Folk dance and theatre.

Nrityanjali Academy has conducted several workshops and performances for Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society and others. The Academy has also taken up training of youth in the slums on the nuances of Folk theatre. They are taught to prepare a script, how to play different parts and finally to communicate, using the medium of Folk theatre, in their propaganda for social development at the grassroots level.

Easy to develop without much costs folk theatre can be used effectively for social development in slum areas. A good background story script, a few artists with basic training added with creativity and a dash of interest are all that is required to make a good show.

The Academy feels that theatre can make education more lively and can be used as popular and powerful medium for the conscious communication of ideas, concepts and solutions.


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Folk Theatre of Andhra Pradesh, India
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