Folk Theatre
  Chekka Bhajana

Chekka Bhajana

  means a wooden piece, but in the context of folk dance, it is a pair of wooden pieces, specially prepared to be used as the main percussion instrument to the rhythm of which the dancers dance.

The dance resembles Kolatam in many respects. It uses the same technical vocabulary as in Kolatam. In this theatre form also, a group of performers are known as jatti, the place of performance as garidi, the angles of bodily movement as kopu and the beginning, the change of pace and conclusion ettugada, usi and muktayimpu respectively.

However, there are also recognizable differences between the two forms. One is the use of 'chekkalu' instead of 'kolalu'. This gives a greater scope of the movement of hands in Chekka Bhajana, because in Kolatam, both the hands are used for striking with two sticks held in the hands.

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