The Earliest Dance forms in Andhra Pradesh, that have being performed to celebrate hunting, agricultural harvest, traditional and religious rituals are still a pleasure to watch. Ranging from delicate circular dances of Women to vigorous dances of Men and procession dances, various dance forms & traditional instruments are used to celebrate the rituals.

Some procession dances include role-playing animal dances where the dancers are dressed elaborately in colorful dresses and applied traditional colors on the body. The dance forms that have evolved from this rituals are 'Butta Bommalu', 'Keelu Gurram', Puli Vesham, Gangireddi Ata which are included in the festivals to entertain large crowds.

About Our Performances
We have specialized teams to perform these dances. We offer full-length performances, dance-dramas, lectures, demonstrations, classes, workshops and cultural festivals on the folk dance forms. Using traditional Dress forms and Colorful make-up, performing with various traditional musical instruments like Dappu, the artists do not fail to entertain first timers and repeat audience.

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