Positive Children Profiles

Baby Deepika
Age 7yrs
Education 2nd Class
Family Status -
Economic Status -
Child's Family Details
Family Member Age Occupation HIV Status Education Remarks
Babu Naik(father) 30yrs Hotel Dub Positive
Soni(mother) 25yrs House Wife Positive
Divya(sister) 10yrs Student Positive 5th Class -
Deepika(sister) 7yrs Student Positive 2nd Class -
Rohit 2yrs   Positive

Support Required

Health Care
Monthly expenses for medicines, treatment of opportunistic infections
Annual expenditure for text books, note books, school fees and school uniform
Milk, Horlicks and nutritious food for the child
Care & Support for Family
Monthly distribution of 5kg rice, lkg oil, 1kg Dal
Vocational Training Vocational Training expenses for the parent

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