Performers : Males and Females

Duration : Approximately 12 minutes

This Folk Dance is generally performed by the Backward Classes of the UMJI and INDRAVELI forest areas of UTNOOR TALUK of ADILABAD DISTRICT of ANDRHA PRADESH.

They dance for hours together on the occasion of Krishna Astami in Sravana Masam. This Dance is performed by Women and Men separately and together. There are many occassions wherein Men and Women Dance together.

Because of their unique Hair Style, they are also called as KOPPU LAMBADI. Comparing the Male and Female Dances, Women Dance is very slow in tempo whereas the Male Dance is Fast and very vigorous.

Males hold a handkerchief and a stick in their hands. The instruments which are used in Dance are called as Sutta,Tasha or Nagara, Dappu etc.


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Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh, India
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